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Saqra is a word that comes from the Quechua language meaning “little devil”, “naughty” or “mischief maker”. Saqra also refers to one of the characters found in the festival of the Madonna of Carmen in the village of Paucartambo, Cusco. Here, this happy little devil wins the heart of the Madonna with his childish pranks and mischief making as he dances around her playfully in the procession.

These ideas inspired the creation of Saqra as a restaurant bar that offers modern Peruvian food where we reinterpret the Peruvian identity in a playful and contemporary key, conjuring up fun and colourful results.

Saqra, in essence, is not really a place but a state of mind where this little devil plays a delightful host who wants that all his guests live a unique experience, where they meet again with their the inner child, sometimes long lost.

Saqra is a version of ourselves: the fun and naughty one that makes us question our limits as well as the one prone to laugh honestly. Saqra expresses itself through art, music and good food: the kind that not only pleases the palate but also sight, smell and touch.

We offer laughter and entertainment. We are creative, fun and original and because of this our patrons will have unique experience to remember.

Our menu has Peruvian roots and all of our dishes have been designed with an element of surprise in mind: either in the ingredients, flavours, colours or presentation, our clients will find something different.

Saqra offers a special and unique experience that will stay with our guests forever and due to this we have “an everything for sale” policy, so that our guests can buy: the seats, lamps, cushions, glasses, paintings and sculptures or whatever they like. Meaning they can actually take a little piece of Saqra home with them.

Our intension is to share Saqra with the world and for this we strive to be the most colourful and tasty Peruvian experience in every city that we open, both in Peru and abroad. To achieve this we have adopted the highest international standards in food preparation, hygiene and service.

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